A Retro-Soul revival with a Punk Cabaret aesthetic, Brooklyn based Bree And The Whatevers is a project spawned from the musical vision of legally blind powerhouse vocalist Bree Klauser. Despite this disability, Bree is very tactile and music has made her feel limitless. The core of this collaboration is Bree and her partner Dan Kessler (bass/keys), Their soulful vibe & cabaret aesthetic, create a high energy cathartic entertainment experience & overall sexy fun time. 

The group got its start in 2013, with their first single “Isolde”, a piano ballad jazz piece.  After playing a number of shows over the years with rotating members, Bree And The Whatevers released another single in June of 2015 entitled “Go! Sailors Fight! (ゆけ!セーラームーン )”, a tribute to anime heroine Sailor Moon, the warrior of love and justice. A refined modern sound is portrayed in their most recent single “Homewrecker."

HOMEWRECKER from Bree And The Whatevers

Available now worldwide on most music platforms!


Starring + Written + Produced by Bree Klauser